Swingin' in the Rain

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The 4th book in the Soap Opera Mystery Series. Alexis Peterson once again turns amateur detective when murder strikes close to home. Alexis Peterson finds herself not only drawn into another murder mystery but also into the dark and twisted world of couples that "swing."

Swingin' in the Rain is available in print and as an e-book.

 1. Eileen I've been a fan of yours since my mother watched you play Ashley Abbott on "The Young And The Restless" when I was just a teen and now I'm a fan of your writing. I read your first book, "Death In Daytime" and laughed my ass off at how you so cleverly used your daytime experience to weave these characters into such entertaining tongue and cheek novels. How long have you been writing?
Thank you so much! I started writing in High School actually just a little here and there. Always have been an avid reader!EileenDavidson02

2. Okay your book "Diva Las Vegas" is based on a murder at the Playboy mansion, do you use people you know in real life as a basis for some of your characters?
YES!!!! For most characters. Maybe all of them are loosely based on read people or a combination of people.

3. You are truly a dynamic diverse woman with many talents. I've seen you play a character with multiple personalities. Is there a character you want to play or write about that you haven't done yet?
I've been so blessed to play many different characters. I would like to do a period piece. Maybe the Renaissance or a Western?

4. How do you balance being a wife and mother with having multiple careers?
On a case by case basis. Kids come first as far as one on one time consistently. And Date nights are a must. Date weekends even better.

5. Any advice for budding writers or actors out there?
There are so many avenues for writing with self publishing now. Just do it! Take a class, read a book on it and write! Same thing for acting. Take a class and begin!

6. What are you writing about now? This gets back to the balancing question. Not writing at the moment.
My hands are too full with work and family.

EileenDavidson017. What book are you most proud of and why?
Books are like children. Hard to choose. I think my writing was better by the last one though.

8. How do you stay in such great shape? Any tips to share with us?
I do cardio just about every day for 30 minutes and also TRX which is a core work out using your own body weight. I try to do TRX twice week schedule permitting! The Navy Seals use it!

9. What are you future goals and when and where can we see you next?
I'm currently working my fanny off playing psychopath Kristen Dimera on Days of our Lives.

10. You played opposite my husband Ronn on "The Bold and The Beautiful" any chance we can get you to do a Ronn's Garage and cook with me?
Absolutely! I am an avid home cook and I would LOVE that!