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In this fierce and poignant book, the author, drawing on sources that include her grandmother’s richly erotic diaries, unveils intimate details of the Acton dynasty in Florence, the illicit love affair of Arthur and Elsie, and the controversial legal aftermath that continues to this day. A true family saga played out against the backdrop of Florence’s celebrated Villa La Pietra. The struggle over the billion dollar estate of one of the 20th century’s most notable aesthetes, Harold Acton, pitted New York University, against first Liana Beacci, Acton’s illegitimate half-sister, and since her death in 2000 her daughter, Princess Dialta Alliata di Montereale, who lives in Honolulu.

"MY MOTHER,MY FATHER and HIS WIFE HORTENSE" is available in print and as a e-book.
Dialta AlliataMy Mother, My Father and His Wife Hortense" is the true story of Princess Dialta's grandparent's love story and an ongoing battle with the Italian courts for a vast fortune in artwork that was given to NYU. It is told brilliantly through her grandmother's sometimes erotic diaries that are over 100 years old. It's an exciting page turner that you can't put down.

Dialta your book, “My Mother, My Father and His Wife Hortense” is the true erotic love story of your grandparents. I found the book hard to put down and loved how you weaved your grandmother’s diaries into your own quest to prove your parental heritage. How are you feeling about this ongoing quest now?
Dear Devin, I feel always stronger and stronger about it, because truth always prevails.

Reading the erotic details of your grandmother’s love life is like “Fifty Shades of Gray.” Did you get to know your grandmother? Mine died when I was two years old.
I did not compare my book to 50 Shades, it was Edwina Sandys Churchill in her review that who defined it:”50 Shades BUT with class”! I personally don’t think my book has nothing in common except it is a fun thing to have been said. I was 1 year old when Elsie my grandmother died, so no I have never met her.

Your half brother Harold left part of your grandfather’s legacy in a vast number of priceless art to NYU and you are still in litigation with them after a number of years. Are you making progress with this now?
Harold Acton is my mother Liana’s half brother, and the lawsuit is still in the Italian courts since 18 years now.

You are a Princess with two sets of twins and a wonderful marriage. I understand there was a lot of backlash and gossip about the book, how has that been for your family?
Actually I did not perceive any gossip or backlashes, it was received very warmly in NY, Honolulu and Los Angeles and had many excellent reviews and people really opened their arms to me.

Do you think your mother Liana would be pleased with the outcome of the book?
Of course, she would be very proud. 

I understand there are plans to turn the book into a movie?
I am very superstitious so I never speak before things actually have happened.

Dialta book signing LA.

Italian Princess' Book Is Hot Stuff... An Amazing Romance!
by Jay Weston Publisher, Jay Weston's Restaurant Newsletter.

When I received an invitation from Selim Zilkha and Mary Hayley to a book party at their sumptuous Bel Air home, I immediately went to Amazon and ordered a copy of the book. innocuously entitled, My Mother, My Father and His Wife Hortense, by Dialta Alliata (Amazon, $24.95). I quickly learned that Dialta Alliata di Montereale was actually a real-life Italian princess, having married in 1989 a charming fellow named Prince Vittorio di Montereale, whose celebrated Venetian family dated back to the 15th century and the Holy Roman Empire. They met in Rome at the home of Egan von Furstenberg, soon married and had five children in the course of three years.
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