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Interview with Sofia Milos

"You know actress, “CSI Miami” star, Sofia Milosfrom the many television roles she’s done, but this lady is already rocking the big screen in 2018!"

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Interview with Liesbeth

"Liesbeth Is A Rising Star"

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Top Places That Every Foodie Must Visit

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Traveling and getting acquainted with the wide variety of cultures that the world has, is, of course, one of the best experiences that a person can have in his lifetime. And among all the other things i.e. history, art, ancient monuments, museums, etc. an important part of any culture that contributes to its uniqueness is, undoubtedly, its food.

There are so many different, interesting and exotic dishes unique of a given culture that only by visiting the country representing it you’ll be able to taste them in their most genuine state. Good food is one of the main things that remains in the memory of most tourists and if you are food lover, then it’s the first thing you should consider when choosing a new travel destination.

Below we introduce you our food reviews that will hopefully be the best guide in helping you choose a travel location that offers the tastiest dishes spiced with local culture and traditions.

So here is to all the true foodies out there:

1. Buenos Aires, Argentina

Another main reason for heading to Argentina, apart from it being the birthplace of tango, can be its delicious food.

Though the capital city didn't use to be very popular among foodies, however, recently it has become one of the top places for finding the best food and drinks. Here you can find quality grass-fed beef and wines brought from Salta and Patagonia. Above all, the new generation of chefs will introduce you the Argentinian traditional dishes from a different "perspective."

Worth mentioning are the street dishes which will leave their taste in your mouth forever. Some of them are the famous choripan which is a chorizo sausage on a sandwich spiced with the so called chimichurri sauce, as well as the extremely delicious empanadas.

buenos aires argentina 9

2. Panama City, Panama

Here is another exotic destination where any true lover of good food will feel like in heaven.

Panama City is recommended especially to seafood lovers, so if you are one then be sure to find a wide variety of fishes and seafood in the markets and restaurants of this city. At restaurants you can order whole plates of fried fish and fresh rock lobster.

In the market stalls you can purchase cups of octopus, corvina, and black conch ceviche by paying extremely low prices. Don't miss the chance of tasting the some of the best seafood of the world taken right out of the fish-rich waters surrounding the city.

3. San Sebastian, Spain

Spain is one of those countries that offers incredible abundance of richness from every aspect of culture. It comes with not only historical places and monuments worth visiting but also with some of the most delicious food of the world.

For a tourist-foodie San Sebastian can be a perfect destination to head to. The city, apart from boasting with its trio of 3-Michelin-star restaurants, also turns any meal into a huge preparatory event. Art is not only in the galleries but also in the kitchens of the restaurants of San Sebastian.

Visit the famous La Brecha market where you can find all kinds of fresh and organic food at low prices. Then for the perfect continuation of your "Spanish food experience" head to any restaurant of your choice that serves Basque-style tapas. Don't forget to taste a Spanish wine as a final delicacy.

4. Lyon, France

What can be better than having a meal at one of the 14 Michelin-starred restaurants in the beautiful French city of Lyon. Enjoy the French culture appreciating the incomparable taste of traditional genuine Lyonnais food in bouchons.

A real heaven for foodies is the prominent Halles de Lyon Paul Bocuse market where you can find high-quality, organic and fresh food, be it macaroni, cheese, oysters, desserts, or meat.

Take a trip to Lyon for experiencing one of the main food centers of the world!

5. Tokyo, Japan

Well, here is where you can be sure to find the top Michelin-star restaurants of the world. But, above all, here you will find the most unique and at times strange types of food and dishes – only a true foodie would appreciate Japanese meals.

Here are some of the world-famous Japanese dishes and drinks that can never be mistaken – sushi, sashimi, unagi, tonkatsu, wagashi, sake, tea etc. The true taste of these can only be experienced in Japan. Head to Tokyo and even by eating their dishes you will experience the Japanese traditions in the sense of using chopsticks, instead of knives and forks.

Tokyo is an inseparable part of any quality food reviews that guides its readers to the countries known for their incomparable delicacies.

tokyo japan 3


6. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Having been a colony of France, in this city you can find a delicate mixture of French flavors with the local Vietnamese dishes. Those who love sandwiches, don't think twice, head to Ho Chi Minh City because here you will be served one of the most delicious sandwiches of the world known as bahn mi.

How about the unique and extremely sweet Vietnamese coffee? Worth a try – no doubt!

7. Bologna, Italy

We all know that the best pizza can be tasted in Italy and that is a reason worth enough for any foodie to organize a trip there – but this country has much more to offer from the aspect of food, not speaking of the unique culture of course.

Bologna is the birthplace of Tagliatelle alla Bolognese – it's no news that any dish, in order to be completely enjoyed, must be tested in its initial place of creation because only there you will experience its genuine taste.

Don't forget to head to the Mercato de Mezzo market in order to try the best cheeses and end your Italian food-filled day with a bite of creamy gelato.

8. New Delhi, India

Our food reviews list would be incomplete without the mentioning of the unique Indian food. The wide variety of Indian food can be found in its capital city New Delhi.

Here you can taste all kinds of dishes starting from chaats, cholebature torajma chawal to parathe and the like. The street food is a must try for any real foodie as well as the famous Punjabi dishes.

Keep in mind to pay a visit to Chandni Chawk and Bengali market for the complete experience of genuine Indian food.

9. São Paulo, Brazil

For the utmost experience of Latin culture and especially food we recommend you to head to Brazil, to be more precise, to the city of São Paulo.

In this city you can find an incredible mixture of cuisines that have become popular enough to attract international travelers. Due to the immigration that took place in the 1800s there is abundance of various flavors including Japanese, Italian and Lebanese – it's like a mixture of some of the best food cultures of the world that has given birth to the unique cuisine of São Paulo.


Brazil Sao Paulo

10. Kiev, Ukraine

And last but not least here is the Ukrainian food that is rich in fats but the latter make it very tasty too. The Unkrainian menu offers a variety of pastries, soups, and other one-of-a-kind dishes that will make any foodie want to come back for another round of tasting these things.

Such dishes and drinks as borsch, beetroot soup, salo, gorilka, vareniki, and zrazi are a must-try for any first-time visitor.

Enjoy the best food of the world by traveling to any of the above mentioned countries and experiencing the unique culture peculiar to each of them.

By following our food reviews you'll be able to narrow down your choice of best countries for food and make the preparations for your upcoming trip faster and easier. As the saying goes: "You are what you eat" so as a true foodie, eat good food as if it were the utmost enjoyment of your life!

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Interview with Tracy

Autograph Fashion

TracyDeliteful Tracy Webster shares her quest to keep us healthy


Meet Devin Devasquez! Entrepreneur, published author and motivational speaker!


I am so excited to have Devin join us and thrilled to have the opportunity to listen to her share her life story and how she keeps it all in balance.


Devin was a successful Playboy pinup model and actress who dated Prince for many years. In fact she has just written a book about her time with him, which is being launched in February. Today Devin is a successful business owner, published author and motivational speaker.


Join us at Deliteful at 6pm on Monday Jan 30th. Seating is limited and reservations are required. Call now on 805.418.5118 to book your table. Happy Hour served from 4pm to 9pm. 


Prizes and giveaways sponsored by Thinessence - a weight loss and wellness speciality center that focuses on a holistic approach to enriching people's lives. They are located in Westlake Village at The Water Court on Hampshire Rd. Tel: 805.230.3627


I look forward to seeing you.


Tracy, Owner @ Deliteful



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Interview with Maria Elena

"Maria Elena is making beautiful music all over the world ."

Sunday, 16 October 2016 22:18

Interview with Karen McDougal

"Karen McDougal is as all-American as you can get, see how this fitness cover girl keeps in such great shape in her 40's!"

Thursday, 03 September 2015 09:39

Interview with Louann Fernald

"Louann Fernald is a very dynamic lady that shares a special bond with beloved Dorothy Stratten."

1. Louann you were one of the first Hispanic Playmates in the 1970s, how did that change your life?

Being a Playmate changed my life, but being Hispanic didn't have much to do with that. My mom raised me as many minority parents did back then, away from her culture and family, immersed in mainstream American culture. She didn't teach me Spanish, but I took 2 years of Spanish in high school,which didn't quite make up for it.

I used Playboy to finish paying my way through college because my parents, being very strict, (Hispanics typically are), imposed strict rules and curfews on me until--at 19-- I rebelled and emancipated myself.

What was the question again, Devin? Oh yes, lol. How did Playboy change my life?

It picked me up and put me into a jet stream of travel, opportunities, new faces, and adventures which, when I landed back on the ground again 2 years later, left me with a permanently wider perspective than I think I might have had if I hadn't done Playboy.

Tuesday, 11 August 2015 17:23

Easy Chicken Piccata by Joanne Tyson

Chicken breast cutlets, dredged in flour, browned, served with sauce of butter, lemon juice, capers, and stock or wine.

Prep time: 5 minutes

Cook time: 15 minutes

Yield: Serves 4


  • 2-4 boneless, skinless chicken breast halves (1 1/2 pound total) 4-8 chicken cutlets, or 8-12 Chicken Legs
  • 3 Tbsp grated Parmesan cheese
  • 1/2 cup flour
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • Pinch ground black pepper
  • 4 Tbsp olive oil
  • 4 Tbsp butter
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Dieting For Women Over 40

It seems as you age, the pounds naturally creep up on you and the constant quest to lose weight becomes the focus for more and more women over 40. The 40 diet becomes the never ending talk of conversation with women over 40.

We can no longer fit into those cute little dresses because hormones have kicked in and made our boobs bigger.

Then there is the balance of trying to fit in exercise and making conscious choices in what we feed our family at mealtime. This is on top of the menopausal symptoms that make us seem constantly irritable mainly because we just don’t feel that great about ourselves. The younger version of ourselves seems long gone and we are in the search of a solution to this never ending problem.

Diet pills, fad diets, cutting carbs, fasting, yes we have done it all and it seems none of it really works for very long. Those pounds start to creep back up making it harder for us to combat this cycle of what has happened to our bodies.

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