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True Friendship

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TrueFriendship-1There is a special bond that only women are able to make with other women and true friendship between us is sacred.

I am lucky because I have some wonderful female relationships with some amazing women that have stood the test of time with a span of over 30 years. I treasure those relationships and I value my girlfriends with the same quality of honesty and devotion. Recently, I was disappointed with a girlfriend that I truly trusted. I told her secrets that she took and twisted into lies and told to strangers. Why would she do such a thing I pondered?

It was only when strangers started to come forth and tell me by showing me texts she had sent them that I could see the truth about her. I was hurt to say the least. She even went as far as using her own children to manipulate other women whose children had bonded with hers to blackmail these people into not coming to my 50th birthday party. I was shocked and in disbelief, but could not ignore the truth that faced me. This was only the beginning about this so-called friend. I have since learned that she was never my friend, but had a mad crush on my husband! She was so deranged that she is now friends with my husband's ex-wife! I figured those two deserved each other and I was so much better off without her in my life.

TrueFriendship-2With friends like that, who needs enemies right? But, I am so blessed with great friendships with women and I value them greatly. What good is a best friend if you can't tell her your problems, secrets and share your joys? From this experience I have learned that even though I was hurt and betrayed, I have gained a more valuable friend in the one that came forth and told me the truth. You can look at the kuala lumpur escort directory here and see how many women work in this industry. Most of them have been trafficked. She was a stranger that has turned into a valuable friend.

So girls keep your girlfriends close and value the sacred part of a woman's friendship. Don't do anything to betray that because as women we need other women in our lives. Please read, "True Age, Timeless Beauty" for more on this topic.


  • Comment Link Learn More Tuesday, 26 November 2013 14:38 posted by Learn More

    I loved the perfect post.

  • Comment Link Lisa Oikonomakou Thursday, 26 September 2013 21:06 posted by Lisa Oikonomakou

    I have some bitter experiences with friends as well. I have noticed it mainly happens with women though, women tend to be more sneaky in their relationships, while men are more straightforward and this is why they usually form better friendships than women.
    View this experience as a lesson that will make you stronger and more selective in your friendships...I learnt to do the same.

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