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Giving Back

Giving Back is so important because it helps connects us as human beings and gives us true purpose. These pages are for the charities that I'm most passionate about and the people that are helping to make a difference in our ever changing world.
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1. Kim you are so passionate about saving animals and so dedicated to doing so. When did you know this was your mission in life?

In 2008 I went undercover into a pet shop to investigate a puppy mill-after that I knew I would spend the rest of my life doing something to help animals

2. You have three Shelter Hope Pet Shops now. Please tell us how you came up with this unique concept and what you hope to achieve with them?

While protesting puppy mill pet shops I realized that if we couldn't beat them we needed to join them, but instead of showing the public mass produced puppies from mills we would show dogs from death row.

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Relax The Back

Mondays will always have a specialness to it now because I’ll never forget how we rocked out on a Monday GivingBack1with Player at the Canyon Club. The event was a great success to say the least. We filled the house and rocked it big time! Shelter Hope Pet Shop was amazing and I want to thank all the volunteers who put in all their time an effort on the decorations, gift bags and red carpet.
Kim Sill, founder of Shelter Hope Pet Shop went overboard on an amazing cake that was too delicious and a great time was had by all.

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Barbi TwinsThe Barbi Twins are probably the most famous identical twins on the planet, but these gorgeous babes are giving back with their passion for animal rights and making waves all the way to Washington DC. See why and how these beauties are making a big difference in so many helpless animal's lives.

Shane and Sia you guys made a splash with your modeling career and are considered the sexiest twins alive. What has been the highlight of your career in modeling?
Maxim magazine was kind, or crazy enough to label us as sexiest famous twins in 2011. To our surprise our Playboys we were record breaking, actually selling out within two weeks. which put us on the map. And Howard Stern helped made our 7.5 minutes of fame a piece. But our highlights is when we campaign for animal bills in the media, and it trends! For example we made google's top trend with http://entertainment.blogs.foxnews.com/2009/10/23/barbi-twins-trade-naughty-poses-for-animal-rescue/ but not hardly for being sexy!!! We know it's for our "freak factor". 

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logoTheChildrenForPlaceDebra Mace and Lamia Khashoggi are two dynamic women who passionately give back with their Children For Peace foundation.
See how they are making a difference helping one child at a time.

1. Debra your efforts to help children in depressed areas of the world, such as Ethiopia, Mali and Palestine is tireless and all consuming. You travel personally to these areas and touch these children firsthand. Tell us about that?

We feel it is very important to follow-up on programs and projects that we fund. Our funding comes from private donors and fundraising events so it is of the utmost importance to us to ensure the funds are being put to use as intended. Traveling to the countries where have programs and projects is heart-wrenching as well as heart-warming. I love to see the smiles on the faces of the children and knowing they are being educated and assisted in ways that improve their chances to change the conditions in which they currently live for themselves and their future families is what makes the hard work worthwhile.