Interview with Kim Sill

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1. Kim you are so passionate about saving animals and so dedicated to doing so. When did you know this was your mission in life?

In 2008 I went undercover into a pet shop to investigate a puppy mill-after that I knew I would spend the rest of my life doing something to help animals

2. You have three Shelter Hope Pet Shops now. Please tell us how you came up with this unique concept and what you hope to achieve with them?

While protesting puppy mill pet shops I realized that if we couldn't beat them we needed to join them, but instead of showing the public mass produced puppies from mills we would show dogs from death row.

I want to achieve a world where children know about what happens to unwanted animals in America, that is why Shelter Hope pet shops are located in malls.

Five million animals are killed in America's shelters yearly. Families are not comfortable viewing animals in shelters but are able to come to Shelter Hope pet shops and feel safe.


3. You produced a documentary called, "Saved In America" and I was blown away with what you have seen and gone through to save the animals you have saved. Can you enlighten us as to what we can all do to help in this mission?

Saved In America will be released on August 14th at The Regency theater in Agoura. It is a forty minute documentary about how America treats it's animals. It was my journey into the world of animal welfare and I hope that after people view it they will treat animals differently. If they only look into their own community and reach out to a local rescue group and offer assistance, I have accomplished what I intended.


4. You have been an actress, producer, activist, what goals do you have now?

I am finishing my book called "The Year I Protested" and continuing to help other rescue groups around the country open up Shelter Hope Pet shops



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