Answering the Soul’s Call

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By Cali Gilbert


Sometimes life changes move us in a direction we can't understand, but trusting our instincts and going with the change can be a blessing.

For as long as I can remember I have always loved the sea. There is something about the sound of waves that just lifts my spirits. I have always lived close to a body of water, whether it be the Bay, a lake or the ocean. I needed to be near water, to know it was close by. For the last decade I have called California home, but most of it was spent in Sausalito, on Richardson Bay that connects to San Francisco Bay. As often as I could, I would find my way down to the water to recharge my batteries whenever needed. It always seemed to work.

In October, 2013 I made my way down to Southern California to Santa Monica for what I had thought would simply be a ten day escape to the ocean. Little did I know how that trip would change the course of my life forever? I would return to the Bay and announce that I was leaving the one place I thought I would remain for the rest of my days, and it came as a shock to many, and to me as well. I can’t really explain the decision to move, only to say it was my soul’s calling. I didn’t understand it but I knew it was something I needed to do. After announcing the move, I would make the trek back to Santa Monica just three weeks later to start a new chapter in my life.


It has been nearly a year now and I have to say it was the best decision I have ever made, yet one I didn’t fully understand at first. I have always been very intuitive, and over the last few years I’ve seen how not listening to my intuition has backfired. This time the pull was so strong, I couldn’t ignore it. Since making the move, my life has experienced massive transformation. I have connected with so many beautiful kindred spirits and feel part of the community. My career as an author has taken off and I have truly found my purpose. The best part is I’ve also found someone to share my life with, someone who also shares my love for the sea.


Most days now are spent by the ocean, listening to the whispers that guide me along my journey. I am drawn to her for guidance and for inspiration, and it is where I not only found myself, but I found love. Sometimes life leads us down paths we aren’t prepared for, but we end up precisely where we are supposed to be. The next time you hear that calling from your soul, just take a moment to listen and follow your heart. You may just be surprised.  




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